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Emergency Response Team (ERT) Assessment

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 220 British pounds
  • Walsingham Clinic, Truro

Service Description

OEUK Medical with Chester Step Test Offshore Energies UK (OEUK) require an assessment of medical fitness to work offshore (in the Oil and Gas Industry or Wind Turbine Installations). It can only be carried out by an OEUK Approved doctor. An OEUK medical typically lasts 60minutes and consists of the following: •Health questionnaire •Physical examination by a Doctor •Weight, Height and BMI measurement •Blood pressure •Vision assessment •Urine testing for blood, protein and sugar •Hearing test - The Chester Step Test is a standardised test that measures aerobic capacity (a fitness test). It is designed to be sub-maximal so should not require vigorous exercise and is considered to be safe to be overseen by fitness professional providing a simple screening process is completed first. The test is used by the UK fire service and recognised as a good tool to assess fitness by a wide range of occupational bodies, including the MCA. The test involves the subject repeatedly stepping on and off a step to match a rate indicated by a metronome while heart rate is monitored. The test continues until either a target heart rate is exceeded, the subject reports they are finding the level of exertion hard or after 10 minutes of the test protocol has been completed. Most people will not complete the full 10 minutes. The results include an indication of the subject’s fitness - from poor to excellent.  Important Do’s and don’ts: -Avoid eating, smoking, exercising and drinking tea or coffee for at least 2 hours before your test -Avoid heavy physical exercise for 24hrs before the test -Wear loose fitting comfortable and clothes -Wear comfortable trainers -You should not undertake the test if you are taking B-blockers or recovering from illness or a cold.   - This bundle combines OEUK, Chester Step Test, Spirometry Screening and Questionnaire and is required annually.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations with less than 48hours notice or non-attendance are charged at the full appointment fee.

Contact Details

  • Cornwall Medicals, The Walsingham Clinic, Walsingham Place, Truro, UK

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